The B’SAFE door handle lock


It is a fact that the keys of internal doors are often missing.

The B’SAFE door handle lock is a fixture that cannot be lost but is always at hand to ensure,

  • Privacy
  • Safety
  • Security

in your room.

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We would like to introduce you to an innovative security device (patent pending no 2018 / 05824 SA) that will turn ordinary internal doors in your house into effective crime prevention barriers – a simple to use and cost-effective apparatus that will enhance your and your family’s safety at home … and ensure privacy.

The new B’SAFE door handle lock.




The door handle lock is a device that locks any lever door inside your house simply and easily by inhibiting the downward motion of the handle – thus effectively preventing the entry of an intruder in case of an emergency.


Latch Down
Latch Down

When the latch is in the down position the operation of the door handle is unimpeded.


Latch Up
Latch Up

When the latch is in the up position, it engages the handle and resultantly the door cannot be opened.


The simplicity of this device ensures that in an emergency you will be able to quickly secure a door with very little effort.
The latch pivots around a hinge on the dovetail mounting bracket, enabling it to support different handle distances from the door.
The removable sections of the dovetail prevent a person hitting the latch past the door handle.
Therefore, the handle lock fits any wooden door and lever configuration
It can also be used with either left or right handed door levers, and on both sides of the door.
The handle lock can also be fitted to external doors that will restrict entrance without having a key at hand.
The action of swinging the latch away from the door was chosen so that in the open position the mechanism would be out of the way of the handle and fingers.


The handle lock is manufactured from nylon 6.6 and therefore the device is extremely strong and durable.  As already indicated, the latch prevents the downward action of the lever when in the correct upright position. 

Should force be applied on the door handle, such force is transferred vertically to the axle of the fitted door mount instead of horizontally to the door’s lever mechanism.   Downward force on the door handle also tends to drive the latch more securely into its locking position.


This facility also tested the strength of the handle lock scientifically and came to the following conclusion. ”The results show that the maximum stress caused by the force applied to the device is less than the maximum allowable stress for polycarbonate.”
This means that when excessive force is applied, the lever on the intruder’s side of the door will break off long before the handle lock gives in – making the chance of entry even less probable.


The handle lock has several additional benefits related to safety and convenience. 

These are:

Unlike some other devices, you do not have to change existing locks to fit and use the handle lock.
When on vacation for example, activating different handle locks in your house can restrict the movements of an intruder to the particular venue of entry.
In addition to safety considerations, the handle lock can also be used to ensure privacy or when keys have been lost.


The door handle lock can become a very important, yet cost-effective and simple security feature in your home – especially in high risk areas, for example the internal door between your garage and the rest of the house.

In case of an emergency caused by an intruder, it will buy you invaluable time to summon help or implement self-protection measures.

 The new B’SAFE Door Handle Lock – its strength lies in its simplicity.